De vier chalets

Centered on our 7.000 m² property lies the stately 120 years old Hotel Herrihof. As the Herrihof is situated on the southern slopes you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the Black Forest. The Hotel was refurbished in 2010 in close cooperation with the German monument protection service.

Since 2011 we are especially proud to present you our four log-structured Chalets. Our carpenter used only native wood to build the houses. They are well integrated in the surrounding nature and offer a good contrast to the historic building of the Herrihof. The four chalets are as well situated on the southern slopes so that you have a gorgeous view of the Alps-panorama which can be seen in good weather conditions from your terrace.

Log-structured cabins are being made by carpenters for centuries. They are the prototype of log cabins. The most important aspect of this building technique is, that each log is estimated chosen and then stripped by hand. In the following process, the huge logs are being laid on top of each other one by one and the carpenter ensures that the natural shape of each log is being preserved. This method is based on an old tradition which has been developed mainly in Canada.

Logs which are kept naturally have excellent biological performances. Through their superior ability to diffuse and absorb the room-climate, the logs help to regulate air humitidy and room temperature better then any air conditioning unit could ever do. The WHO (World Health Organisation) declares: “Wood will improve the human immune system”. The TÜV (Technischer Überprüfungsverein) attests excellent air parameters especially for those with asthma or allergy. Moreover, the ecological building method helps to conserve our environment and resources.