The Herrihof was built in 1892 as a leisure residence by the trader Max Leipheimer. Born in Karlsruhe, his business was trading textiles. The house of administration was built at the end of a mining shaft and was called “Herrenhof”. The Name Herrihof was established through the miners' dialect. 

Max Leipheimer often came to Todtnauberg and loved it. Especially in the years during World War I he was helping the poor resident population. His house was always open for the people no matter where they came from. 

Max Leipheimer was one of the founders of the ski association of Todtnauberg and later on was honored several times and became an honorary citizen. 

In 1939 he died as a poor man, having lost his fortune during the world wide economic crisis. 

The husband of his grandchild Elisabeth, Dr. Prof Ludwig Lautenschläger bought the Herrihof from the inheritance of the family. They also used the Herrihof as a leisure residence until their main residence in Frankfurt was destroyed during World War II. Afterwards, they used the Herrihof as permanent residents. Some people of Todtnauberg still remember him as a caring man and doctor. 

In 1954 his daughter Armgard Schüle and her husband opened the Herrifhof for hotel guests. After her death in 2009 the Herrihof was placed under preservation order and bought by the two families Jörg/Rosenthal and Fischer and afterwards refurbished completely. Today the Herrihof is again a great location for a lovely holiday.